3 Reasons Open Houses Are Still Beneficial When Selling Your Home!

3 Reasons Open Houses Are Still Beneficial When Selling Your Home!1. Being able to see and touch what to most is the biggest investment they will ever make!

Even as technology progresses and more and more people rely on the internet, there is still a lot to be said for being able to physically touch something. Especially something of significant value such as a home! It is true that a very large amount of home buyers are starting their search online months in advance of actually getting out and looking at houses. Keeping the big picture in mind, buyers will at some point HAVE to actually get in their cars, drive to homes of interest, and tour the home to get REAL feel for the home and whether or not it would fit the needs and lifestyle of their family. At this point in the search process, buyers are looking for homes of interest that are having Open Houses in the immediate future. It is in a way like buying a new car. I recently purchased a new car and I spent 2 weeks looking at photos online, Car Fax reports, etc. before making a decision. But, when I narrowed it down to a few cars, I got in my car, went the car lots and test drove the vehicles. In comparison, people want to test drive houses too!

2. Word of mouth Promotion/Advertising

I have experienced it before where a potential buyer has visited an open house I was holding and when I asked them what they thought of the home, they quickly responded that it did not fit their needs but they might have a friend who would be interested. At that moment, I remember thinking to myself “is there any better promotion for a home than a friend telling a friend that a particular home would be for them! ” We tend to want immediate gratification and when someone at that moment does not give us the exact feedback we are hoping for, we lose track of the big picture and get discouraged in our efforts. This experience reminded me how valuable an open house really can be for my clients!

3. Personal interaction with potential buyers & real life feedback

There is no replacement for being able to read potential buyers body language and reactions to homes as they are actually touring them. This is important to be able to give accurate feedback to my clients whose homes I have listed for sale. Open Houses are a great way to accomplish this. Open Houses are a very relaxed and passive environment for buyers to tour homes and if paying close attention, one can get a good feel for the negatives and positives of the home from the perspective of actual buyers. Whether it be the price is too high, the kitchen is too small or the house is dirty, this feedback is vital!