Celebrating Halloween While Trying to Sell Your House

Celebrating Halloween While Trying to Sell Your HouseSometimes selling your house comes at an inconvenient time, like your favorite holiday. In the case of Halloween, there are some easy and fun ways to decorate and celebrate without detracting from your home’s appearance during showings. If you are planning to dress up your place for Halloween night or for a Halloween parties, this article can give you some hints and tips.

Even if you love it, avoid all really scary, gruesome decorations, or ones designed to give an unsuspecting person a shock. Keep things light and removable. Despite the urge to decorate for the season, avoid cobwebs, spiders, rats and other “haunted house” paraphernalia. Try for more of a “harvest” theme and smiling ghosts, pumpkins, etc. This promotes a positive atmosphere instead of one that might turn some buyers off.

If you are setting up your house for a party or trick-or-treating, do it the day of the event, if at all possible, and try to avoid having a showing that day. If your Realtor can’t negotiate a different time, try to keep the decorations to a minimum until after the showing. Ideally, your decorations will be able to be set up and taken down in a short period of time.

Stick to decorations that can be quickly taken down, or that can blend in with a fall themed staging. Some ideas are removable window decals, orange and purple lights wrapped around a railing, fall flowers such as mums, Halloween-themed signs or posters (no thumbtacks, please!), and decorative lanterns that can double as guides to your front door.

Jack-o-lanterns should have candle substitutes burning in them and be watched carefully for signs of rot if you carve them some time before the Halloween holiday. You don’t need potential buyers being turned off by a “dead” pumpkin! Bowls of apples and nuts are also great fall accents.

If you have the time and inclination, attaching a small card that says “Home for Sale!” and gives the name and address of your Realtor to bags of Halloween candy can be a great way of getting information about your home out in the neighborhood. Who knows – people in the neighborhood could have friends looking for a place!

Decorating for Halloween when you have a home to sell can be somewhat harder if you’re accustomed to going “all out”, but with a little flexibility, you can decorate in a way that both acknowledges the season and doesn’t turn off any buyers!