Five Steps to Marketing Your Own Home

Five Steps to Marketing Your Own HomeSo you’ve decided to sell your home yourself. Now what? How do you attract buyers? You may have already noticed it is not as simple as just putting a “For Sale by Owner” sign in your front yard. If you really want to be successful in selling your home, there are five main steps.

Step 1: Make a good first impression.

Look at your home from the perspective of a prospective buyer. Take note of how it looks inside and out. If your house needs repairs, cleaning, or maintenance, you have some work to do before you actually sale it. Make a list of issues and take care of them before putting the home on the market.

Step 2: Stage just enough to trigger your customers’ imaginations.

You might have heard that it is important to “stage” the rooms of the house. A common mistake, though, is to stage too elaborately. The trick is to stage just enough that it will give the prospective buyers ideas, but not so elaborate that it turns them off. It is important to give enough space so they can picture themselves actually living there.

Step 3: Reach a maximum amount of potential customers.

Now you are ready to unveil your beautiful home to the public. If you want the world to beat a path to your door, you will need to do more than put out a “For Sale by Owner” sign. You will need to advertise. Real estate agents can post your home to the multi-list, but you have many options as a private home seller. There are websites that will let you list your property for free or a small fee. There are also reliable options such as classified ads and Craig List.

Step 4: Hold an open house.

One effective way to attract prospective buyers is to hold an open house. Choose a typical time for an open house (usually Sundays in the early afternoon). One trick real estate agents use is to bake bread or cookies in the oven just before the start of the open house. To the guests, the house smells like home that way. Also, you have refreshments to serve as they view the house.

Step 5: Remember, everyone is a potential customer.

It is important that you tell everyone you know that you are selling your house. Someone is bound to know someone else who is in the market for a new home. Many homes are sold each year through such referrals.