Cell Tower Lease Rates

What are the cell tower lease rates where your potential cellular site is located? Evaluating cell site lease rates is difficult because there isn’t much comparative data available to the public. What we can tell you about cellular lease rates is that the cellular carriers are all trying to save money, and they are not paying as much as they […]

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Lease Agreements

Lease agreements are legal contracts used by a landlord to rent a property to a tenant. The most commonly used lease agreements are for residential use. What are the common pitfalls of a residential lease agreement and how to avoid them? 1. Handwritten contracts – The most obvious pitfall which applies to all legal contracts is to avoid handwritten lease […]

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Updating Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The “curb appeal” of a home refers the basic overall exterior look of the home, as seen from the curb. Realtors, landscapers, and designers often talk about curb appeal and how it affects the desirability of your home and its appeal at a casual glance. When it comes time to sell your home, the curb appeal can really affect the […]

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